Bridget Marie  (Biography/Drama)

Logline: Based on a true story of a woman’s deadly battle with drugs and alcohol turned legacy in the form of a thriving empire fashioned by her son.

Jason Vrolijk sits back in his chair looking down onto the vast city through the one way glass, the people all look
so small from the top floor; he has finally done it and has come a long way in doing so. A framed photograph of
a young beautiful woman sits nearby. Bridget Marie is more than merely a name or a person; it is a state of
being and an inspirational and passionate guide to living a more full and enriched life. Bridget Marie branches
through all facets of life may that be magazine, fashion, style, memoirs, and now film. It is an empire, one in
which the name itself continues to touch all those that surround even after the death from which it derived.
Bridget Marie is a legacy her son Jason has created to allow her spirit to live on for generations to come.

Based on a true story and spanning over six decades of past, present, and future, we explore the origin of this
movement by first following the lows and highs of the woman known as Bridget Marie and the lives of the
people she touched. Seen by many, as a hero in her community to both young and old, Bridget Marie was born
and raised in Anaheim, CA in an environment littered with alcohol, cigarettes, and endless parties. From a
young age, she was forced to take on the role of care taker to her younger brother, while her parents struggled to
provide a good, sturdy life for their children. Her father, Willy, battled booze, her mother Florence battled Willy
and as we span along some years, it seems the life they always dreamed of had finally come to be. A new house
is purchased and Bridget Marie grows into a fine young woman.

Yet battles within, that can’t be readily be seen begin to take their toll as Bridget balances school along with four
to five jobs on the side, leaving very little time for herself or the many joys most high school students her age
enjoy. Until one day, while enjoying a burger at the local shack Bridget sets her eyes on Tony and through the
convincing of her friends she decides to attend a house party to watch him and his band perform. Chaos
surrounds as do police sirens, forcing Tony and Bridget to hide out and in turn mend their fates. They marry and
Bridget gives birth to her child named Jason. But this once happy romance turns into a nightmare. A violent
confrontation forces Bridget to escape her home in the middle of the night with Jason and she eventually moves
in with her parents. Through the years, we see Bridget becoming detached and the influence of booze from a
young age beginning to claim its next victim. She battles a brief stint with drugs, alcohol, all while trying to raise
a child. Bridget begins to waste away as the years pass, she looking unhealthy, her son now grown into a man
and concerned for her wellbeing. And while she battles the booze he battles depression in the form of
overeating. But his attempts to confront the issue of his mother are batted away. Bridget soon meets and
marries her final husband; they take off leaving to Arizona, only weeks later she passes away from a long winded
battle, with Jason by her side.

The story shifts and we see a once depressed, overweight Jason, whom grew up with both abuse and drugs
surrounding, now on a mission to make his mother a household name. He battles with his weight, deals with
constant rejection and self-doubt, failing relationships and family criticism, his plummeting finances, all while
fighting the never ending struggles of taking two steps forward only to be pushed ten steps back. But through
his unbending perseverance, he soon is able to make a breakthrough with his magazine, he naming it after his
mother, Bridget Marie. And what started as just friends on the cover, doing him a favor, has transitioned into
well-known celebrities supporting and spreading the word of this great woman. From here, the sky is the limit
as we see this once humble name transform into something far bigger than anyone, except for Jason, could have
ever imagined.