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​Refuge (​Drama)

​The racial tension of “Detroit” meets the unlikely companionship of “St. Vincent”.

The Sleigh Ride (Horror/Thriller)

The psychological disturbances of ‘Get Out’ meets the seasonal horror of ‘Krampus’.

Bridget Marie (Biography/Drama)
A biographical drama centering on the core of family in the vein of 'Family Stone' with the harsh and real addictions of 'When a Man Loves a Woman'.

I Thought I Lost You (War/Romance)
An action thrilled tale of romance in the vein of 'The Notebook' with the very real and isolated elements of 'Jarhead'.

Sebastian Rules (Comedy/Scifi)

A perverse, comedic post-apocalyptic tale in the vein of 'Zombieland' with the twisted teen sex tales of 'Porky's' & '500 Days of Summer'.

Last Orders (Crime/Drama)

A stark realistic drama with the attitude of 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and the gritty aggression of 'Once Were Warriors'.

Game Over (Horror/Thriller)
The demonic elements of 'The Amityville Horror' meets the edge of your seat thrillride that is 'Final Destination'.

Lilly Frankly (Romantic Comedy)

A young 'Bridget Jones' living in the comedic and random eventfulness of the world of the film 'Bridesmaids'. 

Exit 13 (Horror)

This exit may be your last as 'Cabin in the Woods' meets the cold and freightening shivers of 'The Shining'.

The Divorce Project (Romantic Comedy)

A belly busting comedy using the wacky and hilarious tones of 'Forgetting Sara Marshall' with the real life romantic consequences of 'Alfie'.

Leap into Faith (Film Noire/Mystery)

Faith is tested in a Film Noire/Mystery detective story in the vein of ‘Angel Heart’ and ‘Brick'.

The Outside Fighter (Drama/Sport)

An emotional family drama in the style of 'River Runs Through It,' along with the raw and passionate elements of 'The Fighter'.

Contained (Drama)
The endless days of 'Doctor Who' meet the romance and fate of 'Meet Joe Black'.

Cremains  (Horror/Thriller)

The psychological mind bend of 'Fight Club' meets the unsettling possession of 'Child's Play'.

​​​​​Summer Haze (Drama/Coming of age)
A heartfelt coming of age story with the childhood lessons and lasting bonds of 'Stand by Me' with the misguided fun of 'The Sandlot'.

ST. AGATHA Official Trailer

Off The Tracks (Drama/Romance)
A gritty and dramatic love story in the vein of ‘My Blue Valentine’ with a charming sprinkle of ‘500 Days of Summer’.

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My Gift (Action/Drama/Thriller)

A tragic yet heroic tale of standing up against the wicked in order to protect the weak in the vein of ‘Drive’ with elements of ‘Limitless'.

Under Watch (Foreign/Action)

The pinned down elements of "Assault on Precinct 13" meets the stunning fight scenes of "The Raid".

The Return (Thriller/Horror)
A mind bending thriller with the brutal elements of 'Hostile' slashing into the masked horror that is 'Scream'.

Morsgrove (Crime/Drama)

​The tested willpower of 'The Shawshank Redemption' meets the gripping dramatic elements of 'Dead Man Walking'.

Alternative Measures (Psychological Thriller)

The disturbing journey of a struggling marriage in the vein of 'Dead Calm' with the twisted drama of 'Natural Born Killers'.

("St. Agatha" currently has been released theatrically in the US and Worldwide as of February 8th, 2019 - Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW  II, SAW III,  & SAW IV).