Logline: Peter is in love but a rare thing is happening to him. He keeps losing her and is hit with the realization that he cannot die.

​After a horrific tragedy in which he loses everything, Peter discovers something miraculous. No matter how many years pass, he remains the same both physically and mentally.  And where Peter would in time move on after the loss of his soulmate, every relationship forward would yield the same result.  He loves and they eventually die.  Peter is stuck in a world that continues to pass him by with a ferris wheel of experiences and emotions that always end too soon, wife after wife, child after child; it's a revolving door of loss.

Years continue to pass and this blessed gift of life turns into a curse as Peter is unable to end his permanent stay, no matter how hard he tries. To make things worse, every forty years or so, his first love presents herself in the form of someone new. They meet, they fall in love, and he begins to age.  But a tragic accident occurs once again, taking her away from him, and causing his immortality to resume.  Countless research, travel, and soul searching lead to no answers, kicking off a journey of drugs, depression, isolation, and suicidal attempts - all in an effort to rid him of his pain and frustration.  But a stranger, soon turned friend, arrives unexpectedly lifting Peter to unimaginable heights.

With the help of his new friend, Peter soon realizes the origin of his affliction, but time is of the essence. They have only one shot to save her and free Peter from his own immortality. But getting her isn't as easy as all the rest and as the clock ticks Peter must race to find a way to change his and her fate before it's too late...