​​Game Over (Horror/Thriller)

Logline: Jessica and four friends discover an Ouija board and play. Ten years later on the anniversary, a friend mysteriously turns up dead, sending the remaining friends and detectives on a scramble to find the person or thing responsible before they all fall victim.

It's the sixties in a small town and on a night like any other, Jessica and four friends discover a game hidden in her basement. Out of curiosity and boredom, they remove the game from the box and discover an Ouija board. One by one they begin to play, lights flickering with each and every move, and as the last person moves the planchette, the lights shut off. A demonic force appears and each friend is stricken with a life-threatening condition. Thirty seconds later, the lights turn back on and everything returns to normal as if nothing happened.  It is then that they make a pact to never talk about that night again and they toss the Ouija board into the cold depths of the river.

Ten years later on the anniversary of that night, Jessica receives a call. The first of four friends has been found dead, in the same way she appeared during the black out, ten years earlier. Stephanie shakes it off, but the remaining friends feel uneasy. Meanwhile two detectives, convinced that an elusive serial killer at large has struck again, begin to follow the friends watching them closely. Fast forward a year later to the date, the next friend is found dead and by the same way she appeared on the original night. This sets off a panic among the group. Every day they stand at alert, every hour they obsess over who's next, testing relationships and pushing one another's anxiety and fear to their brink.

The remaining group works together to put an end to the evil, but the two detectives are also getting closer to their suspect. The race is on to find the answers before the curse strikes again; however, little does everyone know, a little secret lurks in the shadows. Is this a matter of demonic possession or pure evil in the form of a raving mad man? As it is soon revealed, not everything is as it seems and only time will tell whether it's lights out and game over...