​​​I Thought I Lost You (War/Romance/Tragedy)

Logline: An American soldier’s wife is dying and he faces the insurmountable task of abandoning his post in Iraq and defying all odds to see her one last time before it’s too late.

Jacob Riley has just graduated high school and he, along with his girlfriend Hailey Roberts and four closet friends, are in hot pursuit of planning the biggest party this small town has ever seen.   After a few minor setbacks, all appears in order and it seems they have pulled off the perfect night, but an unthinkable tragedy strikes and in this small moment of time everyone’s life is changed forever.

Soon thereafter, Jacob awakens in a world of war, a place plagued by both unbearable heat and unimaginable boredom.   In between this monotonous routine, letters to Hailey are exchanged documenting both his love and regret on having left her.  As time passes and with no response to his many letters, Jacob begins to fear the worst in Hailey and suspects infidelity.  

With chaos erupting in the desert and enemies violently closing in, troubling news begin to surface back home.  A letter finally comes and Jacob has a new enemy to fight.  Racing against time and insurmountable odds, Jacob fights to get back home to Hailey before it’s too late.