Last Orders(Crime/Drama)

Logline: Jimmy has just been released from prison and he must make amends with his troubled past or risk losing his entire family.

Pentonville Prisons cold steel gates open to reveal Jimmy Pantelli. Everything about him is English - his cockney accent, crew cut hair, tattooed neck, everything except for his ethnic look. At 35, Jimmy hasn't learned his lesson and manages to get locked up again for theft and general bodily harm. Tony his older brother, however, is a total success story and the favorite son to their Mother, who Jimmy never has time to see. They both had it rough growing up without a penny thanks to his lazy, drunken father who spent more time boozing and beating his family than he did being a dad.

Jimmy followed by example and his wife Anna and the kids often suffered at the hands of Jimmy's jealous and overly active imagination. Tony has always been there to help his brother. He get Jimmy a job to help him stay straight this time, but George, his old mate and local scum bucket, reels Jimmy in with another dodgy job. It’s a chance Jimmy takes to earn quick money, one he knows could land him in prison again, but he has to take it when his new job falls through and the bills start to pile up high again.

All Jimmy wants is to make his wife and kids happy. He loves them more than gold, but in his efforts to make a better life for them, he always somehow pulls the short straw. Tension builds when Jimmy accuses his brother and wife of having an affair. He finally hits rock bottom and loses everything. His only saving grace comes in the rare form of a 60 year old man who has his own unique set of problems and unconventional ways of living life. H
e befriends Jimmy and helps him up one last time when no one else will.