​​Lilly Frankly  (Romantic Comedy)

Logline: Lilly is having the worst day ever but she soon becomes distracted by a new guy in town, and after a huge misunderstanding, she now must pose as his fiancé to please his boss.

Lil sits at the sticky, brown blob of stale beer and gum that is her brother’s old pub on the outskirts of London. She doesn't even have any pants on anymore, she left them at her boyfriends, well, ex-boyfriends house, where she walked in on him lying in bed with her friend Kelly this morning after getting fired from her rubbish office job. It’s a good job she wore her welly boots, as the rain keeps coming down on poor Lil.

Whilst drowning her sorrows in her brother's pub, she meets an awfully handsome man but accidentally gets him into trouble with the police and then poses as his fiancé in front of his boss, who then falls in love with Lil's mum, whilst all the time falling in love with him and knowing he is already engaged to Marie, who is back in New York and starts to fall back in love with her ex. The love rectangle doesn't end. Lil's clumsy ex Josh serenades her in front of Mike who finally starts to fall for Lil, but his flight just left back to New York and she's back to square one.

The love worst week of Lil's life continues when mum's childhood theatre is threatened and they only have a few days to find the money or else it will become another betting office.