MOUNTAIN OASIS (Comedy)

Series Description:

We open up the enchanting doors and invite you into the mysterious teahouse that is Denong.  Imagine a world where high end tea overflows, quirky characters collide, and age old wisdom pours from the spouts of ancient tea pots.  A place where one’s problems disappear and instead high level solutions appear.  What if there were a place that quickly and mysteriously solved all your worries by merely sipping on an ancient form of tea?  A place where ones race, beliefs, and differences all vanish under the roof of this majestic teahouse?

We answer these questions and more through the eye’s of Peter, a broken-hearted writer in a rut, whose in search for the perfect teahouse and some much needed inspiration.  During an 8 month awe inducing backpacking trip through Asia Peter falls in love with the art of tea.  Once back home in the states, this new found fascination sends him in search of a piece of his Asian travels and by a turn of fate leads him to the doorstep of Denong - a high end teahouse that offers much more than just your usual cup of pu-erh tea.  ‘Mountain Oasis’ although comedic in nature touches upon the real life hardships and the importance of newly formed friendships and family that help to get us through these difficult times by way of laughs and thought provoking ancient wisdom.