My Gift (Action/Drama/Thriller)

Logline:  A procrastinating writer gets crossed up with a psychopathic drug dealer when a mysterious black bag shows up on his door step.

John Anderson, an ex-military soldier and struggling writer, has been working on his next great screenplay, although his mind draws a blank and it is left unfinished, just like the majority of things in his life.  On the verge of being evicted and with his power cut off, an unexpected visitor Masha soon shows up on his door step with a little black bag. Bruised and recently battered, she seeks refuge from John, but in a simple turn of events and after a grizzly encounter with her abuser, John and this beautiful stranger are suddenly on the run. 

The abuser, surviving his encounter with John, reports back to Lefty, a man of pure evil whose drug use has him floating on a cloud of reckless and ruthless delusion. Unbeknown to John, the little black bag that this woman carries contains an item of high value to Lefty and his gang, and they waste no time in pursuit.  John and Masha continue throughout to fight an undeniable attraction sparked from a certain trust formed on the first time they set eyes on one another.  After surviving an ambush at a run-down motel, John and Masha seek refuge at a familiar farm house, far from the city where John grew up.  

John must confront his past, as a man in a wheelchair, physically inept, greets them - this is John’s father.  John feels nothing but disgust and hatred towards this man, while his father is plagued with guilt and only wants to make right by his past sins. All stay coldly calm in the house, until another morning sun rises and John heads to the store for supplies only to return home to find that Lefty has finally found them.  With his father mortally wounded, Masha kidnapped, and now John left with the black bag that was hidden by Masha, he only has thirty minutes to return the bag and save Masha from Lefty.  But a trap has already been set and the clock is ticking.