Off the Tracks  (Drama /Romance) 

Logline: A mentally unstable man must save the one he loves by re-living his tragic past.

In a terrible accident, a friend and lover dies, and Austin Briggs is unable to save her, her hands slipping from his.  Depressed and stuck in what seems like a routine that never changes, Austin has broken away from the world as he knows it, seeking counsel in an oddly formed relationship between him and his therapist, Dr. Richards.   After a horrific nightmare, he completely breaks down and when presented with the option of overdosing or meeting up with his friends, he chooses the latter and it is there that he brushes shoulders with a young lady from his past, a genuine first love.  

Austin and this young woman grow close, their relationship based on a friendship though with a longing for something more.  But where things seem happy, they just as quickly unravel.  Austin throws a fit and turns unresponsive whenever she attempts to get close, his form of a defense mechanism for the guilt he feels.   During this period he bounces back with inspiration to draw again, coming solely from her.  They grow close once again.

However, on a night when Austin is needed by her the most, he experiences a mental lapse and is nowhere to be found.  Frantic and unsure of where he may be, she finally finds Austin within a bar among friends.  An argument erupts and nasty things are said leading them both to part ways, he in anger she in sadness.   Dr. Richards later finds Austin on the verge of self-collapse and after a heartfelt session Austin realizes the person he’s been pushing away is the one he loves the most.  The chase is on to catch her before she leaves for good, but in confronting his past he must also find the strength to save his new found affection from an even greater threat that no one saw coming.