​​Sebastian Rules  (COMEDY/SCIFI)

Logline: Sebastian is in search for the woman of his dreams, only he lives in a post-apocalyptic world over-run by horny monsters.

Sebastian Greene and Sara Nicole: young, teenage love at its finest. But that quickly ends as Sara suddenly morphs into a zombie after a series   of catastrophic events that sends the world into a shit storm. And then she eats his parents. It's looking pretty bad for Sebastian who’s really just a hopeless romantic living in the wrong time period.

Literally, fast forward ten years and Sebastian is surrounded by a world filled with your worst nightmares and most of them are single. This isn't helped by his inappropriate "British" roommate and best friend Ralph, a.k.a. the "Monster Tamer"; this is a purely sexual term. Whereas Sabastian tries to find the perfect girl in a world filled with not so perfect fairy tale monsters, Ralph is just trying to scratch the next monster conquest off his list.

But all this changes on one fateful night when their door is kicked down by a Lara Croft incarnate who is on a mission to save Earth from its imminent destruction. She enlists the help of Sebastian, Ralph, and their pudgy, little Asian friend, Rolls. Together they battle through a series of mysterious and adventurous trails that are based around their all-time action hero, Steven Seagal. Earth’s only hope relies on this terribly formed duo of a sex, crazed British, monster fiend and a hopeless romantic hipster, but will their efforts be enough? As they soon find out, not all is what it seems amongst group once their inside.