​​Summer Haze (Coming of Age/Drama)

Logline: A coming of age story about a ten year old boy who faces love and loss in a carefree summer that suddenly turns tragic.

It's the eighties in small town, FL.   Three solace months of uncharted adventure and stifling adversity open up the doors to a world in which ten year old Charles never imagined.  Alongside his best friends Cody, Sigmund and his loyal pup Rusty, Charles kick-starts one mission, and one mission only, to build a majestic tree fort that reaches high into the sky.  Yet, neighborhood girl Ashley Waters has plans of her own.   Ashley is different from the others; in fact, she's one of the only colored girls in town.  

What starts out as an unwelcome annoyance soon blossoms into an unbreakable love between Charles and Ashley.  Shortly after, the group accepts her as one of the boys, but as the sun sets over the tree fort on that one fateful night, darkness and chaos exist just beyond the horizon.  A sudden and tragic loss occurs within the group, setting into motion a series of wild and disturbing events that rips Ashley away from Charles and leaves the fort abandoned, never to be touched again.

Charles is left to face the one responsible, the racist and drunken monster that beat his way through the hearts of his own children and Charles' one love.  It is in this, that an otherwise normal and carefree summer instead becomes a turning point for Charles; one dependent on the decision that he makes, a decision that could haunt him to his very last days.