The Elvis Project (Comedy/Parody)

Series Description:

The Elvis Project is a story of how Elvis Presley faked his death in a bid to save his life. A light hearted comedy that takes us on a journey with Elvis who is no longer the King. He wants nothing more than to live the rest of his life as a regular civilian, away from the lime light and with the help of the President of the United States, Elvis goes through a witness protection program living under the radar as Aaron Smith.

Elvis starts a fresh new life and moves to Miami, but after six years he runs out of cash and the witness protection are now no longer responsible for him. He is left to his own devices and down to his last few dollars. Elvis needs to earn money and fast. With limited skills and a lack of opportunities on the horizon, he turns to the only possible option - be an Elvis impersonator. He starts off by coming second in an Elvis talent competition and is prompted to start up a talent agency with his quirky new partner, Tom Barker. They employ sweet, southern belle Gloria and the new office is now complete. Business is good for The King Impersonators Inc.

Unbeknownst to Elvis, a life insurance fraud agent is close on his tracks. He has been scouring Elvis for the last six years. The company had paid out over five million dollars in settlement to the Elvis Presley estate, but CEO tyrant Mr. Arkwright and his merry band of suits had been given a tip off early after Elvis's alleged death. Arkwright in all his ruthlessness will stop at nothing to recover his money and this means finding Elvis alive.

In a course of events involving a few unlikely characters, Elvis discovers the agent is on to him which leads to an impulsive array of adventures, hopping from city to state to keep his antagonist at bay and his real identity under wraps.