The Outside Fighter  (Drama/Sport)

Logline: Two brothers must learn to start anew after a career ending accident paralyzes one and forces the other to fight again against all odds to take down the family rival.

James Zapalla has trained his entire life for this one moment, a shot at the heavyweight title against the current world champion and the familys’ biggest rival, Tommy "The Tank" O'Leary.  The night before the big fight, his older brother Joey, a rebellious, deadbeat wild child and once talented fighter himself, proudly takes James out on the town to celebrate.  But a night that should mark the beginning of something great instead becomes the night that their fates are sealed, misguided down a sidewalk of misfortune that neither can fully remember nor explain.

Three years later James is released from Prison, paralyzed from the waist down and reliant on Joey's care. Now faced together for the first time since that night, James and Joey must fight their greatest fight outside the ring. Family ties are tested as Joey faces both his father's rejection and James’s continued bitterness. Joey attempts to reconnect his brother with the outside world through an unlikely encounter with a sweet but troubled small town girl, Jessie.  But in her attempts to heal the wounds of the past between these two brothers, she inflicts her own wounds and soon finds herself caught having feelings for both men ripping the family apart once again.

Joey seizes the only opportunity to restore the faith his family has lost in him and at the same time, fights for the medical attention that could one day have his disabled brother walking again. He publicly provokes and challenges the same champion that James never got to fight.  With James and Jessie in his corner and his father on the ropes, Joey is fighting for a second chance at redemption.  But will it be enough?