​​The Sleigh (Slay) Ride   (Horror/Thriller)

Logline:  A disturbed ride-share driver dressed as Santa roams the streets on Christmas Eve in search of unsuspecting passengers that he can mold into perfect toys.

It’s Christmas Eve and tis the season to be bloody.  As the children snuggle in their beds filled with Christmas cheer, a psychopathic ride-share driver dressed as Santa prowls the streets in search of spiritless passengers he can mold into soulful toys.  Nancy, a troubled and recluse misfit who strongly dislikes this time of year, notices a creature stirring within the window of a deranged Christmas house.  Her curiosity coupled with the twinkling lights guide her to take a closer look but once she breaks inside Nancy finds herself trapped in a horrifying and warped reality where she soon learns the gruesome truth that surrounds the magical essence of Christmas toys.  The clocks ticks down until Christmas morning and as Santa’s “Sleigh’ embarks one last time Nancy must find a way to escape her holiday imprisonment or forever be etched into Santa’s Naughty list