Under Watch  (Foreign/Action)

Logline: A small town police supervisor defends his police precinct from attack after arresting an unruly foreigner. 

Jihuì, a small town police supervisor and former Wushu Sanshou champion, witnesses an arrogant foreigner kill a local Triad leader Saturday evening at a dive bar in China. He arrests the foreigner and puts in for a request to transfer him to Beijing for trial. His request is approved just as a brand new recruit starts her first day of work in what appears to be a day like any other.

Sunday afternoon, a representative of the foreigner’s father arrives to the small town in an attempt to convince Jihuì to release the foreigner by way of a handsome bribe. Jihuì is a man of honor and refuses. Shortly thereafter, the leader of the Triad shows up to the police station and demands the release of the foreigner so that he may face his punishment. Jihuì doesn’t comply despite the triad bosses veiled threats.

Hours later, the power goes out and the Triad launches a series of brutal and uniformed attacks on the police station in an attempt to kill the officers and the foreigner. Outnumbered and in a race against time, Jihuì and his two officers must engage in a desperate battle against a much larger foe in order to survive the night and ensure the foreigner is delivered to justice.